Fashion affects everyone and, at the same time, creates a world every person could dream to be a part of it. From two to six seasons per year new trends get generated for make-to-order brands till the weekly collections of fast fashion brands, including pre-collections and capsules).

Appearing of a trend depends on:

  • Socio-cultural trends
  • Media and Arts
  • Tech Innovation
  • Designer creativity
  • Pipeline

Socio-culrural trends: all form of social behavior that plays a key role in all our lifes, combines social freedom, positions, consumer behavior. Nowadays, top social trends are the generation of millenials, empowering role of women in society, eco fashion, etc.

Media ans Art: films, magazines, music icons, books, exhibitions, architecture, design

Tech innovation: new kinds of textures and fabric Gore-Tex, soles of Vibram, microfiber, eco leather etc

The Fashion Pipeline


Any supporting services and industries for apparel making, textile and clothing are included in fashion pipeline: its not only about producing but also strong distribution line in full supply chain.

Designers collections start their life from color meeting and after moving throughout different trade textile fairs of fabrics and yarns (on a selection phase) to fashion shows and ending in stores. Although its a very hard and long period of time (up to 2,5 years), creating a Dream factor is fundamental in it. Companies not only sell products, they sell a way of expressing themselves through their products.

Customers tend to buy emotional associations with the world that fashion companies create:

  • Wasp lifestyle for Ralph Lauren


  • Sicillianity for Dolce&Gabbana


  • Art of journey for Louis Vuitton


Fashion is about Designers! 

The main roles played by designers are:

  1. Creation
  2. Product development
  3. Communication

Creating a myth of a person is always easier and faster than creating a myth of a brand. Designers are transformated into celebrities thanks to the runway show. Famous designer already identifies a certain lifestyle and a specific taste. Everyone knows them – everyone loves them:-) Tom Ford, for example. Instead, only a few people would tell who is Jonathan Ive, as he never walked a red carpet, but still hes Apples senior vice president of industrial design. And hes not a celebrity.

Designers themselves are a very powerful communication tool and to be successful, you need whole support of the media. Designers show their ideas on a catwalk. Photographers transform conceptual idea into a tangible and emotional image.

The charm of the fashion show creates the Dream Factor, which is made of music, lights, direction, installation, location, guests.

With the advertising campaign the message of the brand reaches everyone. A testimonial wears the dress, suggesting to the ordinary consumers, that them are part of a world made for the happy few.

In the editorials the stylist creates an outfit that shows the dress in everyday usage to get closer to the final consumer.