There are 3 stages before Collection Presentation:

  1. Collection Planning
  2. Collection Creation
  3. Sampling

Numerous professionals are involved during the product development process:

  • brand managers
  • merchandisers
  • commercial network staff
  • product managers
  • suppliers
  • sales force
  • design director
  • product designers

First stage, Collection Planning includes:

  • Past season performance analysis (sell-in and sell-out)
  • Collection briefing presentation and discussion

Collection Planning is provided by:

  1. Brand Manager
  2. Merchandiser
  3. Commercial network staff

Collection Creation, the second stage, is work process about:

  • Defining overall inspiration for the collection
  • Developing collection themes and products
  • Collection checks
  • Collection freeze

Second stage is made by:

  1. Design Director
  2. Product Designers

Stage of Sampling is:

  • Prototyping
  • Materials purchased
  • Sample collection production
  • Color card
  • Pricing

Provided by:

  1. Product Managers
  2. Suppliers

Collection Presentation as a result of hard working process of product development in fashion is provided by Sales Force: PR and marketing Directors and Managers