Brand Image depends on the message and the media. Consistent message reinforces brand’s direction. The message is based on the:

  • Concept – What is the one thing we want to communicate?
  • Tone of voice – How does the brand convey the message?

Concept associates the brand with a few keywords (what)

Example 1. The 3 “S” of D&G – Sicilianity, Sensuality, Sartoriality

Example 2. Tod’s – italian touch, smart and luxury, casual approach

Example 3. Louis Vuitton – travelling, strong and deep messages

Ton of voice answers question how and can be considered: informative, rational, chatty, ironic, emotional, etc. Tone can be hidden in:

  • images
  • texts
  • headlines
  • models attitude during photo shooting

Given the importance of visual images, a particular importance is played on the shooting for the advertising campaign. Most common choices concern:

  • Location (high end designers, some retailers like Zara prefer to choose studios; casual and sporting brands usually use photo shooting outdoors)
  • Models (curvy women – D&G, Guess, mother and daughter specific photo shoots uses French contemporary fashion brand comptoir des cotonniers, clothes for couples – The Kooples)
  • Mood (use of colors Black&White in photo shooting for Armani creates memorable image of brands sophistication)


The shooting focuses on different details, identifying some characteristics and makes communication more memorable across different product seasons.

What are the main Fashion Communication media channels?

Media is key to “position” brand’s message. Fashion companies want to reach the target opinion leaders and the final customers with using a mix of channels and tools:

  1. Digital Media
  2. Newspapers
  3. Fashion glossy magazines and editorials
  4. TV channels
  5. Fashion Events
  6. PR agencies
  7. Exhibitions
  8. Advertising
  9. Annual reports
  10. Own publications
  11. Billboards
  12. Celebrities
  13. Windows installations (kind of billboards but 365 days a year!)
  14. In-store events
  15. Bloggers
  16. E-magazines
  17. Videos
  18. User generated content

Example: brand-image-and-identity-13-638





Uncovering Fashion: Fashion Communications Across the Media by Marian Frances Wolbers is the kind of book i would recommend if you want to have a Fashion Communications guide. it consists of three big parts:

  1. Fashion Communications: A Layered Look
  2. Fashion Communications: The Business End
  3. Fashion Communications: Representation in the Media

Author states that the term “fashion communications” refers not only to monthly fashion magazines, but also to every facet of information relating to fashion – from the names of colors at the dye factory, to the latest runway reviews posted on fashion Websites.

Focusing on four key areas-manufacturing; business; sales and advertising; and representation in the media, it reveals all the practical secrets and gives rich glossary to learn.