How fashion and luxury brands can create aspirational value in such a complex world?

Companies need to create engagement combining emotional, people search for a personal relationship with brands, and rational aspects, having key business goals and measurable outcomes. In creating engagement integration is key.


To make some examples, companies can use traditional media to promote their presence on social media, incorporate user-generated content in their traditional communication campaign, promote off-line events on the internet, etc.

The message that the company wants to convey is fundamental. For communication to be effective the message needs to be authentic

Authenticity in different market ranges means:

  • For luxury and designer brands being able to communicate why the product is unique and excellent
  • For premium brands conveying strong emotional content in their advertising and exploiting digital media
  • For fast fashion retailers the message has to focus both on the product convenience and create an intangible dimension by working on capsule collections and co-branding

Authenticity concerns the truthfulness of origins, attributes, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions

Authenticity originates from latin Authenticus conveying sense of trustworthiness. This term has been defined as a positively connoted concept with semantic meanings of:

  1. Agelessness and tradition
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Genuineness
  4. Evidence, truth
  5. Originality, exclusivity
  6. Stylistic consistency, quality commitment



With concept of Authenticity we mostly always refer to luxury products. In some way, we could say that using authentic genuine products helps consumer to build up a personal culture, behaviour or a lifestyle and become a true ambassadors of a brand.