We are pleased to meet you in our EDUCATIONAL BLOGAZINE fashionthoughts. Here we are supposed to give a clue to our readers why do fashionthoughts even exist. This is a space in our  journey in order to bring together the broad range of theoretical and practical bases of fashion and luxury management. The information presented is made:

  • to help you understand the main cornerstones of fashion marketing, communication, brand strategy, corporate governance, and other important spheres;
  • to review trend’s or outfit’s presentations in slides made by authors and stylists
  • to comprehend various points of view and meet the opinions, made by outstanding personalities of the world of fashion and luxury.

The academical bases presented here are coming from materials and researches of best world’s universities such as Bocconi University in Milan (Italy), Harvard University in Massachusetts (USA), University of California Berkeley (USA), also from the studies of the database of companies, known as the “Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Observatory”, marketing reports of the Italian Foundation Altagamma, who works in the high end of the fashion and luxury market, researches of marketing agencies, personal materials of authors who stand in fashion workforce and want to share the practical elements of fashion, which are crucial in order to set the best effective stages of fashion and luxury business.

Every detail in fashion will refer to the Art, as it plays a vital role in business of fashion and luxury. Its a world of visuals, which still has to be budget approved. The world of lines, extravagant shapes, beautiful models and superior eye appeal speaks to you. Fashion is spoken… and The culture of fashion and luxury has to be transmitted.

You are more than welcome to comment and post your opinion as we place here all the knowledge we gather. Lectures, books, slides, photos, additional materials which we find, our own materials and stories, starting from ground floor of basics with references to actual or historical precedents, – are here to fulfill your curiosity and answer the question “How fashion is made?”  We hope it might inspire someone else to put his/her signature in fashionthoughts and we would be glad. All images are used ONLY for educational purpose. So join it if you like