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“Being a fashion designer is like taking vows. It becomes your religion for life, - ” told Laura Biagiotti to The Associated Press in 1987. Brilliant Italian fashion designer,  “Queen of Cashmere,” and generous mother...our condolences to family and a whole fashion... Continue Reading →


“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce” ― Karl Lagerfeld

"What we call Brand Content refers to the content that is created or largely influenced by brands. Brands that have a symbolic, historical or artistic nature have the internal resources to create original content like short movies, documentaries or books.... Continue Reading →

"I have so many fashion mistakes, but that's part of being in fashion. I think the people that you see make the most mistakes are usually the best dressers" - Zac Posen

"Luxury brands should always seize every available opportunity to talk about themselves, distinguish themselves from other brands and receive their fascinating story" - Daniel Bô

"Embrace your weirdness! Stop labelling, start living" - Cara Delevingne

"Trust is critical... you can't "hire" true brand ambassadors, you must earn them" -, 6 Ways to Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors, 2014

"Yes, e-commerce is a strange situation for an old guy like me. You can buy a TV online, ok, but to buy a dress or shoes? Ugh. The customer has to go back to the store and breathe and smell... Continue Reading →

"Retail is a customer business. You're trying to take care of the customer - solve something for the customer. And there's no way to learn that in the classroom or in the corner office..." - Erik Nordstrom, President of online... Continue Reading →

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