The Allure of Fashion depends upon a system of seasons and cycles that are exemplified by fashion magazines. The Allure of Fashion contains:

  • fresh ideas and concepts
  • originality, exclusivity
  • new materials, colors, forms
  • uniqueness of products presented by photographs, sketches, symbols, and words.

From the moment a designer displays new work (for example at seasonal runway shows around the world), the clock starts ticking. A highly selected audience of invited buyers, critics, editors, celebrities, social bloggers, stylists and image makers begin reacting to what they see. Words and images appear instantly today, the reaction is faster than ever. Basically, The Allure of Fashion is a power to attract, to seduce and it’s a great tease for a final customer. It is spreading through many fields of fashion, – creative professionals are constantly coming up with innovative approaches to communicate fashion with the target audience through:

  1. Marketing (surveys, focus groups, charts, analyses, projects and research)
  2. Sales (visual merchandising, retail structure, personnel)
  3. Advertising (product placement – TV commercials, magazines, fashion shows, direct mail, pop-ups, podcasts, music videos, etc)
  4. Public Relations (making communication better between a business equity and the larger public with presentations, press releases, news release, promotional events)
  5. Promotions (special sales events, fashion shows within malls etc. always in tandem with advertising and public relations)
  6. Branding (a major concern to all the players in the fashion game in order to enhance brand identity)